Assassins Creed Origins is getting a New Game+ mode

If playing over a hundred hours of Assassin’s Creed Origins (opens in new tab) wasn’t enough for you – seriously, I’m 103 hours in, got the plat and there are still quests – Ubisoft has revealed that a New Game Plus mode is on the way. There were rumours last year but a post (opens in new tab) from community manager domvgt on the Assassin’s Creed Reddit has confirmed that it’s definitely in the sandy pipeline. “New Game+ is coming,” it states. “We’ll have more information to share soon.” I’d expect some info in an upcoming ‘This month in Assassin’s Creed Origins’ post from Ubi sooner rather than later. 

The freerunning franchise has never had a New Game+ mode before, adding yet another new string to Origin’s five arrow Warrior bow. I must say, I’d be ridiculously tempted to eagle dive in again with all the skills from my current game and newly level 45 Bayek. There’s already an auto-enemy levelling option in the settings menu, and the Nightmare difficulty mode if you want added challenge but restarting the game as an Egyptian god definitely has an appeal. 

Once again Origins is proving it’s breaking the traditional AC mould. The latest Hidden Ones DLC that’s out now isn’t just a couple of hours of hastily tacked on story but two new regions of the map to uncover and explore, complete with seas of question marks to uncover. On top of the story, there are a stack of side quests too that unlock new legendary mounts and weaponry. Yes, it does include a camel called Gertha and you should definitely play it. 

Ahead of The Curse of the Pharaohs at the start of March, New Game+ will be an excellent excuse to jump into earlier missions and get that perfect snap of Bayek in his ridiculous Destiny armour. 

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