Killing Eve boss promises “emotional, satisfying” series finale

Killing Eve is gearing up for a “emotional, satisfying” finale, promises head writer Laura Neal.

With just five episodes of the spy thriller series’ four-season run left, Villanelle and Eve’s complicated game of cat-and-mouse looks to be wrapping up, as the latter tries desperately to track down the Twelve, the organization Villanelle works for. 

“I think fans can expect an exciting, thrilling end to these two extraordinary characters’ journeys,” Neal recently told TV Line, as she opened up about Eve’s “pivotal” decision in the latest instalment of the show, ‘A Rainbow in Beige Boots’.

* Spoilers for Killing Eve season 4, episode 3 beyond this point *

The episode, which aired on Sunday, March 13 in the US, saw Eve (Sandra Oh) shock Villanelle by having her arrested – a move that suggests “her grip on Eve is slipping,” says Neal.

“I don’t think Villanelle ever believed that Eve would do something like that,” she said. “For Eve to do it and to see it through, it’s such a huge betrayal of Villanelle, [it’s] very discombobulating for [her].”

Noting how much Eve has changed since season one, Neal highlighted how this new version of the former MI5 Security Officer “finally understands Villanelle’s power over her and understands that if she lets that chaos in, then it can consume her.” But that also means she will be forced to look inward and ask: “What is my life without Villanelle in it?”

Eve’s sudden resolve may have come at a pretty inopportune time for her adversary-turned-obsession, though. Villanelle has just learned from Eve’s therapist Martin – you know, after holding him hostage and forcing him to give her a session – that her psychopathic tendencies have likely been learned, and can therefore be unlearned. 

Will Eve have her put away for good before she gets a chance to see if that’s true? We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, check out our list of the best TV shows of all time.

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