It turns out, running in a circle completely breaks Pokemon Legends: Arceus

If you end up reading about Pokemon Legends: Arceus online, you will almost immediately stumble upon comments lambasting it for its ropey visuals. From endlessly raging social media arguments about gameplay over graphics, to fans taking matters into their own hands and modding the visuals entirely, how Arceus looks has been a constant point of contention. It turns out, however, you don’t even need fancy hacks or mods – you can drastically change how Hisui looks simply by running around in a circle.

In one of the weirdest glitches we’ve seen in a while, Twitter user and presumably keen virtual jogger, onion_mu (opens in new tab), showcases how to create your very own space-time distortion. In what appears to be one of several highly unusual glitches, by visiting Irida – the leader of the Pearl Clan – and running around her in circles, you can cause the nearby building to warp and distort. Hilariously, continuing to lap her causes the building to expand increasingly wildly, until the rogue texture eventually consumes the once snow-capped region of Hisui.  It looks like something out of Akira, and honestly? It’s an unintentional crossover we are totally down for.

my friend found a glitch where if you circle irida like this the universe explodes #PokemonLegendsArceus #NintendoSwitch 14, 2022

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While it’s not quite as exciting as the glitch that lets you endlessly clone shiny Pokémon, the sheer absurdity of this world-ending job means it definitely wins some glitch points for this writer.

As well as fixing up the game’s visuals, modders and data miners recently discovered that there is a fully-finished modern bedroom hidden away in the depths of Arceus’ code. While this room could simply be an idea that was used and then discarded, it could also point to the existence of present-day-set DLC. Still, whatever awaits us in future Pokémon Legends: Arceus adventures, let’s hope that Game Freak chuck in a few more of these utterly terrifying glitches.

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