Another old character returns to Game Of Thrones for season 6 (spoilers)

As cameras continue to roll on the sixth season of Game Of Thrones, further rumours are circulating regarding newcomers and familiar faces alike. Today’s rumour is a bit of both, with fan-site Watchers On The Wall (opens in new tab) reporting the return of a familiar face to Westeros (stop here if you want to avoid any spoilers).

Apparently, Clive Russell has been spotted on the set of the hit TV show in Northern Ireland, suggesting that his character, Brynden “the Blackfish” Tully, is set to make a return. Fans will recall the last time he was seen was back at the end of season three, when a well-timed toilet break spared him from the slaughter of the Red Wedding.

In the books, the character holes up in Riverrun following the murder of his kinfolk, with Jaime Lannister travelling to the Tully stronghold to try and convince him to surrender. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Jerome Flynn were also apparently on set with Russell, so presumably this is a sequence that will be played out in season six.

One of the perils of GOT having so many plates to spin is that characters can occasionally seem to disappear out of the blue, so it’s good to see the Blackfish resurface. Walder Frey has also spent two full seasons cackling in his tower post-Red Wedding, so some sort of payback is surely in order sooner or later.

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