Elden Ring modder unhappy with easy mode mods creates a punishing hard mode

Elden Ring now has both an easy and a hard mode, thanks to mods.

Elden Ring may be From Software’s most approachable game to date, but the Lands Between is still an unforgiving place. Since its release almost three weeks ago, players have offered support with videos showing you how to turn your Tarnished into a master equestrian and stylishly oneshot bosses. We’ve also seen the release of a companion app to help you navigate the game’s vast and brutal open world.

And as reported by PC Gamer (opens in new tab), there’s now an Easy Mode (opens in new tab) for Elden Ring. This mod, uploaded by odashikonbu makes life in the Lands Between a lot less of a struggle by halving the damage you receive. You also deal 25% more damage and gain ten times the runes, allowing you to level up much quicker.

Some fans feel that From Software games should be difficult, and in protest to mods that make the game easier, another modder, Silentverge, has released one that makes Elden Ring even harder. On the mod’s download page, the creator says, “I got sick of seeing all of these “easy mode” mods being pumped out every other day so I made this mod instead”. 

The Prepare To Die (Hard Mode) (opens in new tab) mod will push your Souls skills to the limit. It dials up enemies’ damage, defences, and resistances while their health, focus, and stamina remain the same. Thanks to enhanced AI, enemies are now smarter and, according to Silentverge, using stealth is essential to survival. 

As well as enemies that hit harder, the Prepare To Die (Hard Mode) mod also limits your movement, with fast travel only available to transport you to churches and cathedrals. You do have a wider field of view, though, if that’s any consolation. 

Addressing the game’s difficulty, Elden Ring creator Miyazaki says he “feels apologetic” towards players defeated by his games.

If you’re tempted to tackle the game in hard mode, you’ll want to beef-up your Tarnished. Check out our guide for the best Elden Ring Rune farming techniques for quick levelling up.

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