Barely half of Elden Ring players have beaten the games first major boss

Update: Elden Ring players are making surprisingly quick progress through the earlier portions of the game. According to the Steam achievement list (via PC Gamer (opens in new tab)), less than three weeks out from release, a whopping 70.4% of PC players have slain Stormveil Castle boss Margit the Fell Omen.

This encounter marks one of the game’s first truly challenging boss fights, for both new and veteran players alike. It appears most Tarnished have gone undeterred by the difficulty level, and have continued beyond Stormveil Castle, in fact, to defeat Lord Godrick as well, to the tune of a 61% completion rate.

Players haven’t fared so well against some of the other boss fights, however. Radahn’s clear rate is currently 35.7%, and Rennala is at 46.1%. It remains to be seen if, like Margit, these numbers will continue to rise. That’s what a Tarnished does, after all, but these percentages should be fascinating to watch as more and more players jump on the Elden Ring bandwagon.

Original story: Elden Ring’s first boss is posing problems, particularly for the game’s PC players.

Elden Ring is fast becoming From Software’s most successful game yet. But despite record numbers of Tarnished taking up arms in The Lands Between, almost half of the game’s PC players have yet to triumph over its first major boss.

From Software titles are renowned for pitting players against extremely tough opponents. As reported by TechRadar (opens in new tab), the Steam achievements list (opens in new tab) shows that Godrick, the game’s first fully-fledged boss encounter, is proving to be a significant roadblock for Elden Ring’s PC players, with just 55% triumphing against him so far. PlayStation fans are faring slightly better, with 64% (opens in new tab) having currently achieved victory over the formidable foe. 

The game’s commercial success could be a factor here. Elden Ring is generally considered more accessible than earlier From Software entries like Dark Souls and Sekiro, but it still provides a brutal challenge, particularly if you’re brand new to the Soulsbourne mechanics. With even regular enemies posing a real danger to the uninitiated, the statistics could reflect newcomers’ struggle as they get acquainted with the From Software formula.

Also, with so much to see in Elden Ring’s vast open-world, players may be taking the time to soak in the sights and uncover all of the game’s locations, items and secrets rather than hoofing it straight to the boss. This interactive Elden Ring map shows just how much there is to uncover in The Lands Between. 

Check out our guide on how to beat Elden Ring’s Godrick the Grafted boss fight if you’re having difficulty taking down the boss of Stormveil Castle.

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