50 Sexiest Movie Scenes

The Seven Year Itch (1955)

The Scene: Only Hollywood censorship can stop Richard Sherman (Tom Ewell) having an affair with his ultra-hot neighbour, The Girl (Marilyn Monroe).

Sexiest Moment: The movies’ most iconic image of feminine desirability – a subway vent, a gust of air, and a billowing white dress.

The Mask (1994)

The Scene: Bank clerk Stanley Ipkiss (Jim Carrey) catches sight of Tina Carlyle (Cameron Diaz) while she’s fixing her shoe.

Sexiest Moment: A gratuitous but effective slow pan up Diaz’s body. A sex symbol is born.

American Gigolo (1980)

The Scene: Clothes porn, as the titular U.S.-based lady-lover Julian Kaye (Richard Gere) chooses his outfit for the evening. Everything is Armani.

Sexiest Moment: Gere does a little shimmy as he dances topless to ‘The Love I Saw In You Was Just A Mirage’ by Smokey Robinson And The Miracles.

The Terminator (1984)

The Scene: Saving the future with a shag, as Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) and Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn) take time out from running away from Arnie.

Sexiest Moment: Sarah, en route from being a victim to becoming a warrior, gets on top. It’s, like, symbolic.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988)

The Scene: Jessica Rabbit performs ‘Why Don’t You Do Right?’ at the Ink & Paint Club. It’s not only the ‘toons whose jaws clang on the floor.

Sexiest Moment: Jessica’s entrance from behind the curtain: one long leg, and two pushed-up bosoms. Who needs 3D?

Dirty Dancing (1987)

The Scene: Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze) comes to the rescue of Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman (Jennifer Grey) when her parents give her the worst seat in the restaurant.

Sexiest Moment: “Nobody puts Baby in the corner!” Johnny thunders, and drags her on-stage to dance to ‘(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life.’

The Hunger (1983)

The Scene: Vampire Miriam Blaylock (Catherine Deneuve) seduces Sarah Roberts (Susan Sarandon) to the tune of Delibes ‘Flower Duet,’ aka the British Airways music.

Sexiest Moment: Miriam draws Sarah’s blood with the gentlest of bites. See, Bella Swan, what’s so hard about that?

Thelma And Louise (1991)

The Scene: Who cares if JD (Brad Pitt) turns out to be a conman? Not Thelma (Geena Davis), who gets the best shag of her life.

Sexiest Moment: A heartthrob is born, as shirtless J.D. seduces Thelma by fooling around, pretending a hotel hairdryer is a gun.

Rear Window (1954)

The Scene: Lisa Fremont (Grace Kelly) invites herself over for the night of vouyeurism at the apartment of boyfriend L.B. Jeffries (James Stewart).

Sexiest Moment: Lisa reveals she’s packed an overnight bag with pyjamas, a pair of slippers and a toothbrush. It’d be slutty if the case wasn’t a Mark Cross.

The Postman Always Rings Twice (1981)

The Scene: A special delivery for Cora Smith (Jessica Lange), as drifter Frank Chambers (Jack Nicholson) shags her on the kitchen table.

Sexiest Moment: Cora stops Frank, chucks everything off the table, and growls, “Alright, come on!”

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